CHY-MAX Plus Vegetarian Rennet

50ml vial – will treat approximately 200L milk

Store in the refrigerator


We use CHY-MAX Plus vegetarian rennet in our cheesemaking.

Traditional rennet, which contains the enzyme Chymosin, has been derived from calf stomach lining.

Chymosin that is produced by a fermentation process, and is suitable for vegetarians. CHY-MAX Plus Contains Chymosin, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Benzoate and is manufactured by CHR Hansen. It is certified Kosher, Halal, Vegetarian and GMO free.

Rennet is used to transform milk into a set curd. The dosage is as per your recipe, or approximately .25ml per litre of milk. Dilute your rennet in a little cooled, boiled water before adding to the milk.

50ml of CHY-MAX Plus will treat approximately 200 litres of milk.

Store your rennet in the refrigerator, and check the Best Before Date regularly.

If you are purchasing CHY-MAX Plus Vegetarian Rennet, you may also require Calcium Chloride Solution

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