Thermophilic ‘T’ Starter Culture

Contents will treat approximately 64 Litres of milk

Store in the freezer -18°C


Use Thermophilic ‘T’ Starter Culture in your cheesemaking process to produce Mascarpone and Sour Cream. Thermophilic starter activates when added to the warmed milk. It provides the right combination of bacteria to produce a great end product. Use in conjunction with an Electric Yoghurt Maker for best results.

Thermophilic ‘T’ Starter contains: Streptococcus Thermophilius; Maltodextrin.

Will treat approximately 64 litres of milk

Store in the freezer -18°C

If you are purchasing Thermophilic ‘T’ Starter Culture, you may also require an Electric Yoghurt Maker

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