Calcium Chloride Solution

50ml vial – will treat approximately 200L milk

Store in the refrigerator



Calcium Chloride Solution is used to boost the effectiveness of rennet when using homogenised milk or goat’s milk for cheesemaking. It makes the curd stronger.

The dosage is as per your recipe, or approximately .25ml per litre of milk. Dilute in a little cooled, boiled water and add at the same time as the rennet.

50ml of Calcium Chloride Solution will treat approximately 200 litres of milk.

Store your Calcium Chloride in the refrigerator.

If you are purchasing Calcium Chloride, you may also require CHYMOSIN PLUS Vegetarian Rennet

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Want to know more?

Calcium Chloride is required when using homogenised milk for cheesemaking. It is added to the milk at the same amount and time as the rennet

Homogenisation changes the chemical composition of milk and reduces calcium levels. Calcium is needed for milk to become curd, so adding Calcium Chloride boosts the calcium levels in the milk, and supports the process of setting a curd.

Calcium chloride is also added when using goats milk, which can be lower in calcium and have a produced a less firm curd.


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